Pricing a Logo

I get asked many times how much does a logo cost? That is usually before they tell me a name, what they want etc. My answer is “it depends!” People seem to think because they only want a word that the logo takes no time at all. Any good logo designer will tell you that that’s not true.  Even if the logo design is simple there are many things that have to be done before the logo is designed that takes time. The name has to be researched for existing logo designs, company history has to be looked at, and in my case many sketches are completed to see if there is a better option for the logo design. Notice we have not even started in the design stage of the logo. Once the design is complete, copyright and licensing issues come into play. So you can see that there is a lot of work and time put behind the design to make your logo and brand successful. If you are a designer, educate your clients on the process and stop bidding solely on price. In the end your clients will thank you for it. If you are a client talk to a designer and make sure you understand their process for logo creation.

2 Replies to “Pricing a Logo”

  1. My favorite is when clients want me to “guess” what type of logo they want. Color, style, and text vs. image are all important aspects as well, and the more revisions I do, the less $ per hour I’m actually making. Up front expectations = happy client + happy artist.

    Bravo for educating the world on logo design!

  2. Welcome to the world of design. That’s why I have started doing alot of education before starting the work. I would rather lose a client not sure of what they want than to enter a project that turns into a nightmare. If they understand the process they won’t be able to dispute the invoice later.
    Good luck with the clients and thanks for commenting.


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