Producing Art on Time

Do you have trouble producing a body of work? Many artists depending on the type of art they produce have trouble staying on track when producing. One of the easiest ways is to schedule the art everyday. Make up a project folder for all work and pretend the work is for a client. Put a date for completion, this is important. I do this with my comic projects. Lets say I need to complete eight pages by the end of the month on a certain project. I need to complete two pages a week, and lets say a page takes around 4 hours to complete. I will schedule 2 hours per day to work on that project. I may spend Monday and Tuesday drawing the pages, Wednesday and Thursday inking the pages, and Friday to colour the pages. You’ll have to know how fast you work for this to work out. There are two reasons that this works, you always stay in the mode of producing, and you will get a sense of completion as you finish parts of the project. You won’t believe how scheduling your work takes away that wait and see program that many artists are on. Try it and see how it goes. Good luck.

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