Quality or Staus Quo – What kind of artist are you?

It amazes me how many artists and business owners don’t get it. I recently had an entertainment group start giving me  a lot of work for live caricatures. One of the comments was that the previous people they worked with either didn’t show up for booked gigs or weren’t professional in their dealings with the clients. I find this  often in the client discussions based on artists. Why be in business, spend time and money on marketing materials, and take time to confirm the event to then  either not show up or do a poor job? What is the point!. If you decide to be in business then be as professional as you can or get out of the business. All that does is ruin the reputation for the rest of us. The reason for this is that people feel many caricature artists are that way, however my experience is different. Lets give quality to our clients and the industry and keep a good name for everyone. Our reputation counts on it!

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