The World of Technology

Well, it has been a bit of an adventure the last week. I have moved over to the other side, I have turned to the world of Macintosh and while I should have been on this platform long ago I finally made the jump this week. As expected the whole world has gone crazy in my world as I try to get used to the new platform and way of working. Items look different and get stored differently, programs don’t work like they used to and right now it is like sitting in an office that has been hit by a bomb. I am enjoying the new computer and I am sure down the road it will all work itself out okay. My wife keeps telling me I will get used to it and I am sure I will but in the meantime my goal is to stop from either throwing everything out the window or me jumping out the window.

I tried to lessen the change over by writing everything down so that I would know exactly what I needed and why I needed it such as programs and hardware, however that didn’t seem to help much as I stood in the Mac store yesterday waiting for my help appointment. I am finding it a little frustrating that hardware that should work with Mac and PC don’t seem to work as seamless as it should, but I am hoping that they are just setting issues on my part. If you are going through a computer change at this time and there must be many of you because the store appointments were filled at the Mac store yesterday then I wish you luck with the change. I am sure we will all get through this together. All the best.

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