Are you cheating your brand by giving deals?

The potential client phones for a rate, “How much are your services they ask?” “One hundred dollars,” I reply. “Is that your lowest price, do you have to charge taxes?” “That is my regular price and yes I have to charge taxes.” This is a regular occurrence when people phone in for my services as an artist, or better yet is the person who wants to pay cash and not pay the tax. How about the client who says, “I don’t need a receipt if you don’t, will that save some money?” In a recent article in our local paper the other day a Columnist was talking about the same thing but from a home contractor point of view. I have a big problem with people asking me to hide the taxes and play ball under the table. Now don’t get me wrong I am no more in love with the Government than any of you are and I too feel we are taxed to death however, I benefit as many other citizens do from free health care, opportunity to go to school, and other programs that many people in other countries do not have available to them. In the end what does it say about your brand if you are willing to hide taxes and play under the table with your business. You are causing yourself more grief in paying your bills. If you hide the money, you can’t claim it, if you can’t claim it, how do you show you made any money, if you didn’t make any money how do you pay your bills? Those are questions the auditors will ask. In the article the Columnist was talking about how you should be prepared to be cheated if you are willing to hire someone who cheats and I agree. If I am willing to give you a deal, what am I doing in the background that you can’t see? This is a major problem with many small vendors in the country. You don’t walk into Walmart and tell them you don’t feel like paying tax today so you should get a deal, it doesn’t work like that. So how can you stand behind your brand and be taken seriously?


First don’t give any deals to save taxes. My line to people is that I am registered to collect taxes and have to do so, I also have to pay my bills and won’t fool with the books of my company. Be firm with your pricing, now I give returning clients and certain service groups I belong to a discount for buying with me, but I am still charging taxes. Be ethical in your business, give a quality product or service and stand behind it. Finally the biggest thing is consistency, be consistent in your pricing and services. Remember if someone is cheating the system they are cheating all of us. Ask them if they don’t pay the tax if they are willing to give up their health care visit to the doctor next time, they may have a change of tune.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an author, artist, consultant, and speaker. His business Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services . For more information visit his websites at or

About Bruce

Bruce is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker specializing in caricature and cartoons and his presentations are on business, leadership, and creativity. Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for clients with a special focus in live caricature entertainment. The company is a division of Outridge Enterprises Inc. and you can learn more about Bruce on his website or

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