Working Toward Your Goal is the Most Important Part of Your Business

Has your goal changed since you started your business? If it has don’t fret that is part of  the process and doing business and that means you have been keeping an eye on your business development. The thing to watch is it changing with your main goal. For instance when I started my illustration business in 2003 and then took it full time at the end of 2006 I was just interested in creating illustrations. I wanted to use my art in some way. Like any other business owner I grabbed at many different straws to bring income in the door and today we offer many different types of services for our customers. We have expanded to three different businesses with a giant amount of services. Every year I bring in the reins however, and refocus the business. That’s because I still have one goal in mind for our business. Although many can’t see it due to the services we offer I can see it through vision and continue to tweak the operation ever so slightly to meet that goal. The services we offer have almost been a training ground for the larger goal. Goal-Illustration

The goal for the business has always been to become a specialized operation but early on we didn’t know what that would be. Today we can see that our illustration business is moving more towards a publishing house than a design business. When I published my first comic book in 2003 it was for a company open house. I had know idea it would be the main stay of my business in the future. Looking at my display shelf today I see we have published everything from a comic book series, magazines, business books, colouring books and more are on the way. We have our own ISBN and ISSN line and are moving into the space of small press publishing. So keep the main goal of your business in sight and tweak your business as it grows each year. You will find that in time you reached that goal for yourself even if it was in a round about way.

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Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker. More information can be found on his websites at, and

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