Bruce’s Cartoons

Bruce’s Cartoons

Bruce’s Cartoon Collection is an amazing way of adding humour to your communications. The cartoons are available on various topics from golf to trucking and everything in between. Our pricing allows you to use the cartoon in any fashion you wish with the exception of reselling them or manipulating them in any way.  If you are looking for illustrations without text check out our Illustration Collection. You will receive a high resolution JPEG File without watermarks that you can use in your communications on the website or in print.


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Stock Trucking Cartoons

Bruce’s Cartoon-FAQs

Will this really improve our communications?

A site like this with various content is good because you will see different types of content on the same topic therefore being able to reinforce your message.

Stock Illustrations by Bruce Outridge Productions

How will the content help me save time?

You are busy being pulled in many different directions in today’s world of communication. Searching for content for that upcoming safety meeting or newsletter can be time consuming and then you spend countless hours of your own free time to get ready for your presentation. Bruce’s Cartoon Store help you save time in a number of different ways.

  • You can find all the content in one spot.
  • You can search by topic and bring up all the content for for your presentation or program. Email us and your done!

The price is pretty expensive for a cartoon?

The pricing for the products has been set to encompass all the uses of the content. If you buy cartoons and other content from other websites often you will see a lower price. Once you decide to buy the product you will see that the price moves based on usage. We decided not to do that by offering one flat fee (around $25) should you decide to buy a product individually.

How can I use the content?

As mentioned above many websites charge you based on usage and whether for personal use or business. Use a cartoon personally and it may cost you $10.00. Use the same cartoon in a PowerPoint presentation and it may cost you $35.00. We don’t move our content prices around. Use the cartoons how you wish and we know you will use it in more than one way, we all do.

The only thing we don’t allow you to do is to resell the content. We will also ask that you don’t share the content with anyone without our copyright information. If you would like to show someone our content please direct them to the website to send them the information. Purchased content comes without the copyright information for you to use.

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Stock Trucking Cartoons


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