Deposit – Payment Information-Gift Caricatures and Illustration

There are many ways to pay for your project or leave a deposit. The deposit will come off the total for your project and is just used to secure the working relationship. The deposit is non-refundable unless for an unseen incident we have to cancel our participation in the project. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding deposits and payment. If you still need more information please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 289-337-2630.

When should you make the deposit?

You should only make the deposit once a quote has been sent to you with the details of your project. This ensures the details have been arranged for both parties.

Do I make a deposit or payment?

If you are a retail customer, new customer to Bruce Outridge Productions, or your project is under $500 in value then full payment is required unless otherwise communicated between the two parties. If your project is over the $500 and you are a new customer then a deposit to start may be required at certain intervals, or signed contract will be required. If you are an existing customer and we have worked with you before then you will be invoiced at certain stages or at the end of the project as per mutual agreement.

How do we except deposits and payments?

We accept a number of avenues for payment to make it easy for our customers. You can pay online by Paypal (see payment link below) or by Interac Transfer. You can pay by credit card over the phone, we accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. You can send us a cheque in the amount of the requested deposit amount to the mailing address on the quote.  If the cheque is not received  a reminder will be sent and possibly the project will be held until received. Cash, cheque, or credit card payments are available at the end of the project.

Bruce Outridge Productions is a division of Outridge Enterprises Inc. Since the company is located in Ontario Canada we are required by law to charge the Provincial tax called the HST which is 13%. This must be charged and remitted to the Government. This is not our income to keep or our choice.

Why don’t other artists charge taxes?

We don’t have control over how other artists are set up, but for us this is a full time, viable company. We have put processes in place to prove we are reputable and in business for the long term. Many other artists work on a part time basis so being set up properly may not be their focus.

Do we get a discount on taxes for paying by cash?

We don’t offer discounts for cash as our pricing is standardized with a difference based upon project requirements. Our discounts come in other ways for illustration clients. One way is we will either offer a 10% discount for returning client or if our prices have gone up since your last project we will try to honour the pricing we previously gave you, however that will be based on our costs. If our costs have gone up for certain items then we have to cover those costs and our price will reflect that.

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