Gift Caricature Scenario Form

If you would like pricing on a gift caricature then please fill out our Quote Form. If you already have pricing and are ready to send us the scenario and details then please send us the form below For scenarios requested ( please be as detailed as possible)
example: ( family sitting around kitchen table-vague) / family sitting around kitchen table, tom holding a glass of wine reading a book on golf. Tom enjoys golf, cards, and wine. )

We will need the following:

  • Two to three pictures of each person if possible: 1 front view, 1 side or three quarter view, and full body picture
  • Any logos to be included in picture
  • Specific items types if required, (eg. John’s blue Ford Mustang)
  • You have completed the scenario form below or sent an email with scenario

What you can expect next:

  • We will send you a quote for your project if you have not received one already and invoice for payment
  • We will send a very rough draft of the layout of the picture. (Up to 2 revisions are allowed at this stage. Warning our roughs are  just used for placement)
  • We will send a pencil proof for approval before inking and colouring
  • We will send of the completed picture proof

Finishing Options

Finishing options for your picture include framing or plaquing. Framing is good if the picture will be picked up or delivered in person. If the picture is to be shipped then plaquing is the best option. Our standard caricature size is 12×18 which is an odd frame size. Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to frame the picture. Plaquing and framing may add an additional 1-2 weeks on to the project timeline.

Plaquing is when the picture is mounted on wood, painted at the edge and ready to hang. Below are some pictures of a plaques picture.

If you still need a quote for your project please click here.

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