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With the changing of the times marketing strategies have also changed. These days it is not just enough to have a website and

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business cards, but to be successful in the marketing area you also must now have profiles on social media sites. There is a certain way to do this to be successful. Setting up social media is not that tough and many small busineses do have social media programs, but the trick is consistency and content. Just because you have social media however does not make you successful, it is how it is set up and how you use it.If you need content only for your program then check out what Bruce writes about for client social media programs. If you want it set up to get your started then that is something we can do for you as well.  In addition to website design this is an area that we have vast experience. We have set up programs for both small and large companies. Some examples are listed below for you to view. Whether you are looking for content for your social media presence or you would like us to set up the whole thing for you then we can help you. Bruce Outridge Productions is an authorized partner of Constant Contact.

A social media program should have a website, blog, social platforms, newsletter communication and tie into your offline marketing program. Our customers are averaging 200-300 visitors per month on each platform with a simple consistent program.

What would your business look like if 200-500 people more a month knew your name?

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Our current social media clients include

TST Truckload ExpressTransrep Inc.The Rear View Mirror Newspaper Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd.

LMBN Networking GroupHamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

Hear Bruce giving a seminar on using social media to the transportation industry for recruiting purposes in this 3 part series:

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Bruce talks about blogging in the transportation industry in this video. More can be seen on Bruce’s Youtube channels. 

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