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We specialize in web design services for individuals and small businesses. We can create custom work for you, but we find most of

Singer Songwriter website
Singer Songwriter website

our clients want something they can update themselves later on and that is why  internet platforms are preferred. We can do it all to make sure your branding represents your business properly. Why not add social media to the mix with one of our social media programs or services. Some samples are given below and if you need more information or pricing please feel free to give us a call. Below are some web design samples and links to some of our client websites. Blogging websites and traditional websites are mixing together even more these days and the average user may not be able to tell the difference. What makes web design important is not so much the fancy bells and whistles but how they are set up to get you to the top of the search engines. If you would like to discuss your web project please feel free to give us a call at 289-337-2630. Our pricing begins at $800 and goes up depending on details and functions required.

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Please note some websites may have been updated, moved, or deleted over time. The samples shown on this page are for display use only.

I really love my website.  I have been looking at the various WordPress sites out there and I really notice the difference in that the one Bruce did for me has a very clean, organized and professional look.  I’m glad I went with the social media package because it all ties together and looks very cohesive.  Great prompt replies to any of my questions and concerns too.  Thank you, it was well worth it..

Mary Knowland -Professional Artist

Here are some of the client websites we are currently  taking care of or have designed.

The Rear View Mirror Ezine |
Safety Dawg | Mary Knowland | Life Coach Financial | Women in Finance | Tropical Daze

Outridge Enterprises IncOutridge Translation ServicesBruce Outridge ProductionsThe Pride Junkie Comic Website

In addition to our web designs check out our social media packages to enhance your web presence

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