Learn to Draw Lightning McQueen

In this video we are going to draw the cartoon car Lightning McQueen form the movie cars. There are 3 stages to draw, the shape stage, the detail stage, and the shadow stage. I have included screen shots underneath the video for you to follow to help keep you on track as to where you should be. I suggest that you watch the video through once to get an idea for the drawing. Then play the video again but stop it at each stage until you finish that stage, then start it again and continue until you finish the picture. Good luck!

Learn to Draw Lightning McQueen Video

Stage 1- The shape stage

Lightning McQueen Shape

Stage 2A- The Detail Stage

Lightning McQueen Detail

Stage 2B-Adding blacks and hatching

Lightning McQueen -blacks and hatching

Stage 3-The shadow stage-Add colour, highlights, and shadows

Lighting McQueen colour and highlights

The completed picture

Lightning McQueen

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About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist from Burlington Ontario Canada. He specializes in cartoonist and caricatures and his services include caricature entertainment, custom illustration, and art instruction. To learn more about Bruce visit his website at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com  and check out his online art courses.