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Bruce’s presentations are art based yet have underlying messages in leadership and business. If you are looking for leadership presentations then “Failure to Success Through Art” and “Creating Your Life in Comics” are both presentations that fit into that category and are good for youth and teen audiences. An art based suggestion for business audiences would be “7 Steps to Marketing Your Art Business” coupled with my book “How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps”. Business. leadership, and creativity are all themes running through the presentations. Book Bruce today to speak to your group by calling 289-337-2630 or email us by clicking here!



Failure to Success Through Art

“It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Do With It!”

Topics: Leadership, Business, Cartooning, Artists

Suggested Audiences: Youth groups, art groups, adults artists, leadership, and business groups, general cartoon presentations

A great presentation  to help those see that they too can be successful through art. Follow Bruce from the time he dropped out of school to the his now success as an artist. Are you looking for an art based presentation for your group? Bruce’s presentations are perfect for art groups for both adults and youth. His presentation “Failure to Success Through Art” talks about leadership and having success from wherever you are in life. This presentation also helps those wanting to start a business get an idea of how things fall into place as it shows the progression that Bruce took when building his art business.


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7 Steps to Marketing Your Art Business

“Brand You Through Art!”

Topic: Business Marketing

Suggested Audience: Adults, youth groups, artists looking to start a business.

A great presentation for those wanting to start or learn how to market their art business. Perfect for those getting ready to launch into the art world. For business audiences and artists his presentation “7 Steps to Marketing Your Art Business” is a great one to show how to market an art business and how to create a unique advantage that already is created through your art. Bruce’s book “How to Start an Artistic Business” is also available for sale to groups or individuals attending events.


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Creating Your Life in Comics

“Your Life is More Than a Comic, It’s a Graphic Novel”

Topic: Leadership, Goal Setting, How to Create Comic Books.

Suggested Audiences: Youth Groups, Cartooning Classes, Art Schools, Teen Programs, Young Adult Programs

This presentation is great for youth groups that are interested in leadership and setting goals for their life. Bruce talks about how to include your own passions into your story to create unique vision of life.  This presentation talks about how comic books are created and those same values are the basis for a comic book. The presentation has leadership as he talks about values and life’s flow which are intertwined through the creation of the comic book to make your personal story. This presentation is very popular with youth groups such as teen and young adult audiences.

Create Your Life in Comics

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Bruce’s Presentation Pictures

Pictures from some of my appearances. I hope you will be in the next ones.


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