About Bruce Outridge Productions

About Bruce Outridge Productions
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Bruce Outridge Productions offers live caricature entertainment, graphic recording for events, and custom illustration for gifts, logo design, and more. If you want to learn how we started read on…….

Bruce in the studio

I have to admit that it all started around the age of ten. Drawing on notebooks, being sent to my room for bad behaviour (always keep pencils and paper under your bed). I remember drawing the rock group Kiss with my good friend Jim all over our notebooks. You would think I would enjoy art class but they always wanted us to create a pot or vase, forget that I wanted to draw! I wanted to become a cartoonist even though I didn’t know what one was and the thought of more school certainly turned me off of that. So I left school and started working in the transportation industry humping furniture (good job for guys as big as me) eventually owning trucks and spending life driving up and down the highways never to pick up a pencil again. However life has a way of pushing your passions back in front of you and after a divorce I dove back into my drawing very badly at first. Low and behold here we are as an illustrator in the arts years later. How the heck did I do that? Well luck played a big part, but determination, professionalism, hard work, support, and encouragement certainly were huge on the list. My wife Carmen has played a huge role in the development of our business. Today Carmen and I both work the business and are eager to help you with your requests.

How the business began


In 2003 we opened Bruce Outridge Productions as a part time business offering landscapes, animal portraits, etc for local clients. In 2006 we took the business full time incorporating a number of services from illustration, and art instruction to web design and more. Since then we have created the Pride Junkie Comic Series for kids, The Highway Blues Cartoon Series for the transportation industry and been a regular player for the transportation industry in advertising and illustration.In 2008 we focused the illustration business on cartooning and caricatures in order to focus our business even more. During 2009 we expanded the business again creating additional divisions with Outridge Consulting Services and Outridge Translation Services offering other products and services with our expertise. We incorporated at that point creating Outridge Enterprises Inc. New products and services are always being developed and we will remain a staple in the illustration industry as a cartoonist, designer, consultant, podcast host, and speaker.

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