Digital Caricature Information

Digital Caricature Information

by Bruce Outridge Productions

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Prices for digital caricatures range from $175-$250 per hour plus HST
depending on features booked. Travel fees may apply.

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Digital Caricature Information

Digital is here to stay. Although many of us are still using pen and paper to draw and paint with we are also embracing the digital age. Many artists have been using digital media for years in the studio and many clients may not have even noticed. I personally have been colouring my illustrations with digital software for seven years or more now. It is now my pleasure to offer this service for live events.

So what’s new about digital caricatures and artwork? The change in digital artwork is the fact that we can now do it live at events.McMaster Engineering Digital Caricatures

Earlier hardware and software programs made it too complex for many artists to work digital at events.

With the invention of tablets and other devices they have allowed us to be more mobile and those of us that do live events are now able to take that digital work to event caricatures.

So how does the program work? Although every person’s setup may be a little different for the most part we will all have the same components. The artist will draw on a tablet of their choice either an iPad or Wacom style tablet. As they draw on the tablet the image will be projected onto  screen or monitor for the audience and customer to see. After the caricature is completed the image can be either emailed to the customer or printed out on the spot for them to take home.

What is the difference between paper and digital caricatures for events? There are a few benefits that make a difference for digital events and traditional styles. Digital caricatures are done in colour. Most paper events are done in black and white. Digital caricatures are done usually at a size of 4×6 which allows for easy carrying inside a purse or coat, or even an trade show badge.Digital caricatures can be emailed or uploaded so guests don’t have to carry them around all evening or forget them at the event. Digital caricatures can be projected onto a screen or television monitor so that more people can enjoy watching the caricature come to life.

Digital caricatures cost more than paper bookings due to the equipment and printing costs associated with digital work. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour more than a paper event booking. Check out the digital caricature portfolio for digital samples.

So who should use digital caricatures? Digital caricatures can be used at any indoor or covered outdoor event. The benefits include colour caricatures, projected image which allows more people to Digital caricaturewatch the process, and variable delivery method. Digital works best at corporate events, but also works well for events like weddings and other large events. A power source will be required for the setup and table with chairs. It is best to contact the artist for specific specifications. Digital caricatures are becoming the wave of the future and we are proud to be able to offer this service.

Roaming Digital Caricatures

Included items: Full colour caricatures, uploaded to clients

Roaming digital caricature services is great for small cocktail style parties with fewer than 30 people. The advantage of this service is that there are no lineups for people waiting to sit in a chair as Bruce roams around the room drawing people. All pictures are done in colour and can be emailed to the person or saved to download later. Images can also be printed off for each guest to take home. Bruce’s drawing rate is approximately 10 caricatures per hour. Check out Bruce’s video on his roaming service below.

Digital Caricature Seated Service

Included items: Full colour caricatures, uploaded or emailed to clients, projection to monitor (32″), 4×6 on site printing

Seated digital caricatures are better for longer events, events where projection to a monitor is required, or roaming service is not required such as a trade show booth or large event. All pictures are done in colour, projected onto our monitors or yours, uploaded or emailed delivery, and printed off for the guests. Custom template with logo or image are also included in the standard service.  Bruce’s drawing rate is approximately 10 caricatures per hour. Check out Bruce’s digital service below.

For more information please email us at or call 289-337-2630

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