Books and Publishing Services

Bruce Outridge Productions is an small press publisher from Burlington Ontario. We began publishing in 2007 with a small comic book for an event and have grown from there. Since then we have published several books, magazines, and communications for our own brand and those of our customers. Our publishing work is mostly for in house projects created by the divisions of Outridge Enterprises Inc.

What we can offer clients:

We will not publish on behalf of clients but we can assist in other areas. We offer book design, cover design, layout production, proofreading, illustration, and marketing services.

Through Bruce’s consulting business he produces books on business, leadership, safety, and more. To learn more about these books please visit . Through his art business Bruce produces a variety of cartoon and comic books along with associated product lines. Check out our history of publishing below to get a sense of the published work.

2007 – The Story of Z.D.D. – No longer available

Bruce publishes a small comic book for a company event call The Story of Z.D.D.

2008-2010 Pride Junkie Comic Series

Bruce creates the Pride Junkie Comic Series publishing an issue each year for kids 8-14 based upon the values that brought Bruce to the success he has today. To learn more about the Pride junkie Series please visit the Pride Junkie Website

2009-2011 – Collar to Collar Magazine – No longer available

Collar to Collar Magazine is published in magazine format twice per year offering information on business and leadership for the transportation industry and entrepreneurs. The magazine was phased out to move towards book publishing at the end of 2011.

2012-2013 – Hammer Down Cartoon Series

Hammer Down Volume 1 is created based on published and non published work of Bruce Outridge from his various cartoon series.

2012 – How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps

How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps is published for visual artists through Bruce’s consulting business.

Running By The Mile is published for the transportation industry through the consulting business.

2013 – Driven to Drive

Driven to Drive is published for the transportation industry to help transport drivers improve their leadership skills.

Hammer Down Volume 2 is also released with more cartoon work from Bruce’s various strips.

2018 – 3 Steps to Effective Content

3 Steps to Creating Memorable Content

Marketing book on content creating and communication.

2020 – You’re Not Done Yet!

You’re Not Done Yet

Inspirational book on business and careers showcasing the many talented people Bruce has met along the way

Contact Bruce for more information on help with your next book project.  289-337-2630