Draw Fun Cartoon Characters-Online Art Instruction for Kids

In the videos below Bruce show you how to draw adorable cartoons. These videos were part of an online video class where kids are drawing along with Bruce. each video offers you different characters and feel free to stop the videos to while you catch up if going too fast. Have fun!


Suggested items for drawing

Pencil and eraser
Dark colour pencil, pen, or marker
Pad of paper or sketchbook
Coloured pencil or crayons

Video is 45 minutes long
Video is 25 minutes long

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About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist from Burlington Ontario Canada specializing in caricatures and cartoons. You can also find a section on art tips to help improve your drawing and painting on his website as well as sketch walks to take your art outside. You can learn more about Bruce Outridge Productions and their work at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com