Bruce’s Selfie Cam

Make Your Event an Experience with “Bruce’s Selfie Cam!”

You may be asking yourself what the heck is “Bruce’s Selfie Cam”?

You would be quite right to ask that question so let me explain it to you.  I have been asked at many events if I can send the Bride and Groom or organizers pictures of the event. In the past it was very hard to do. I used a regular camera, I had to get up and takeSandra & Matt's Selfie cam the picture or rely on someone else to take the picture and so on. Even on a tripod I found people would stand in different spots and many are taller or shorter and the pictures didn’t turn out very well. As an artist if I have to stop to take pictures of everyone it slows down the line and you get less people drawn.

“Selfies” came into style with Smart Phones. I take good selfies due to my long arms, but again I don’t have time to stop and take everyone’s picture. I wanted to know how I can use that same technology to bridge the gap between traditional and digital events and improve the experience for the people holding the event and their guests.

So here is how it works:

I set up the camera beside my station and draw people as usual. After the drawing is complete I get the people to pose, hopefully in a silly way and press the button. The pictures are sent to the Bride and Groom or organizer after the event to keep as a keepsake of the evening. I want this to be a ton of fun and have no problem jumping in on the odd picture to enhance the event.

Does this replace your photographer?

No, this is not meant to replace the photographer at your wedding or event. This is an extra to enhance the memories of your event. It is kind of like a Photo booth without the hats and glasses. We found that the Bride and Groom never got to see the cool pictures drawn at their wedding because people took them home. Or an organizer would like to promote the event for next year but can’t show people how much fun was had at the event. This solves that problem by giving them these pictures of the caricatures and the people attending the event. It’s a win /win for everyone!

Do we charge for this?

It does take resources and time to send the pictures afterwards. The program we use we have to pay for so we do charge a small fee for this, however we have included it as part of the price of our special packages. If you are not hiring us through one of our special packages then we can still add it to your event for a small fee of $10 per hour booked. Just let us know at the time of booking.

We have had a great response to the “Selfie Cam” at the events where we have been trialing it and it has performed the way we hoped it would. Check out what people have been saying about the “Selfie Cam” below.

“Awesome pics!!! Everyone loved you…..thanks again it was a blast” – Sandra & Matt

Get the “Selfie Cam” at your next event and keep your memories alive.

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