Live Caricature Entertainment

Bruce offers live caricature entertainment for weddings, bar/bat mizvahs, children’s parties, corporate parties, company picnics, Bruce Drawingtrade shows, and more. Bruce is very professional, dresses appropriately for all events and has an upbeat and fun attitude to make sure all guests enjoy themselves to the fullest. He was even featured on a segment of the popular show “Dinner Party Wars” for the Food Network and was asked to draw the hosts live. He has been known to draw many dignitaries that attend his events. Normally we request at least two hour bookings outside of Burlington, Hamilton, or Oakville, however we may take on a one hour event if we already have a booking in your area.

How do you figure out your caricature entertainment costs?

Bruce can draw 15-20 people per hour in black and white. Much of that depends on the guests and their requests, how long they take to get in the seat, other event needs, etc. Fifteen people per hour is a pretty close bet. If you want colour the pictures rate is 8-10 people per hour. Please note that 15 people are 15 pictures. If 2 people are in 1 picture it is the same as 2 pictures. Bruce’s speed rate is approximately 3 minutes per person for black and white.If you have 30 people attending your party then you should book at least 2 hours. Remember some people may not want a picture and others may want 2. As an artist it is not our position to turn away any guests, so some organization up front is always a good idea.

Here is how are booking system works:

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Here are what others have said

“Bruce was very professional, he arrived on time and even stayed for a bit longer as many of the guests wanted one of his caricature pieces. He added the Paris theme on his caricature page, by adding an Eiffel tower and a French phrase. I thought that was very insightful and thoughtful. It was awesome! Bruce was great at my wedding shower. The guests had a blast because of his fantastic artwork and also his funny and friendly personality. He would make a great addition to any party!!!”

Monica – Wedding Shower


Bruce was incredible.  I cant tell you how many people came up to me to tell me how fantastic he was.  The kids (and adults) loved it.  He was professional, yet fun .   Just incredible.  Thank you Bruce for making our event SO special.

Kim Geroux-Birthday Party Event


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