Logo Design

One of the areas that Bruce Outridge Productions specializes in is logo work. Caligram logos which mesh a picture and words to Travnet-Logo-create something unique is our specialty. We handle everything from the initial drawing through to the vectorization of the final image. Our logo work pricing depends on the detail of the final image, the size of the reach for the brand, and the usage. The reach means that a large company or a publication with a large distribution may pay more than an entrepreneur just starting out. We vector (see vectorization explanation below) our illustrations by hand to give you 100% quality in the image. Many lower priced logo programs us an automatic trace method or are using a template for their designs which lowers quality and originality. Our logo designs start at $250 and go up from there depending on requirements. If you would like information on your project please call us at 289-337-2630 or email info@bruceoutridgeproductions.com

 Below are some of the completed logos for our clients. View more on the logo portfolio page, click here!

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What is Vectorization

When you vector trace an image it means you can scale the image to any size you like and it will retain it’s sharpness. Many designers make the mistake of designing a logo that looks great on paper but when the client wants to put it on ball caps, signage, or other media the image looks fuzzy and dull if readable at all. This step is best done in the design stage than after the logo has completed and is often asked for if using the logo on promotional products or in graphic design. Don’t shortcut your business by not getting the proper logo created. The image should stay sharp whether on a business card or side of a tractor trailer, and we have done both.

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