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People choose illustration over other methods for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are showing how a product works, a service they offer, or a story they have to tell and photographs won’t be effective. Illustration has a power that you can’t get in other sorts media when designing a campaign. That’s because illustration can show what an author can’t tell or grab people’s attention when looking at an advertisement because of the artistic style.

Our illustrations have been used in a number of projects from company presentations to advertising campaigns to children’s books and more. The only thing holding back your unique campaign is how creative you would like to get with your visual media.

We can illustrate anything you would like, but we do have a strong focus in the transportation industry and the arts due to Bruce’s industry expertise as a prior truck driver. All that means is that it is easy for Bruce to translate information to a finished illustration due to his knowledge of the industry and the audience, but any good campaign description will help do the same thing.

How does our illustration service work?

There are a couple of options for you depending on the budget you have available and the needs for your project. There are stock illustration options and custom illustration options.

Stock Illustration

Stock illustration is where the image is generic and is sold to more than one person. For instance you are writing a story about a beach and need a cartoon of a beach to go with the story. You could purchase a cartoon of the beach and a stock cartoon would be suitable.

Where do you get stock cartoons?

If you need cartoons for general topics then you may want to check out Bruce’s Cartoon Store by clicking the link below. This is a great option as you can buy just one cartoon or sign up for a membership. If you have a newsletter or communications that don’t require specific illustrations and you want to improve the humour of the story then Bruce’s Cartoon Store with stock illustration is the way to go.

Custom Illustration

Custom illustration options are of course more expensive but you get exactly what you need for the campaign or text. With custom illustration you give us the information and we draw it up for you. You get to approve the Illustration all the way from sketch to finished product. We will sit down with you and help you workout the proper illustrations for your project.

The images below show the process for an illustration.

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Licencing of Illustrations

Licencing is an area that gets very confusing for many. For our custom illustration work we build in the licencing fees with our pricing so the amount we quote you allows you to own the illustrations and do what you want with them. We do reserve the right in all of our work to use the illustrations for promotional use but we will never resell an illustration that has been commissioned and paid for by a client. The illustration is yours.

For stock illustration we have done the same thing. If you buy an image off of our cartoon store you are able to use the illustration however you choose. That being said you are not allowed to resell the illustration or transfer it to someone else. You can use the illustration on your website and in your company newsletter as long as it is only being used by the person or company that purchased it. This is different than other websites that advertise a cartoon for $10.00 but then add on additional charges if you use it more than once or in different media, we have one charge for the illustration.

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