Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording and Facilitation

Have you heard of Graphic Recording? Graphic Recording is the act of summarizing a presentation or meeting in a visual format. There are many formats that can be completed from a sketchbook to digital production. The names change depending on who you talk to and range from visual note taking to graphic recording, scribing, graphic facilitation, and more.

The power of graphic recording is that it summarizes a presentation in a visual format with just the highlights allowing for all the key points of a presentation to be seen at once. This is a benefit over a Powerpoint presentation as you can see all key points together with colours, pictures, and text helping people focus on what’s important. This summary can be sent to attendees after the presentation and the presenter gets to see how their presentation unfolded. Our graphic recording work is based on the needs of the client, with half day and full day rates available.

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