Customer Downloads

These pages have photos for customers to download after their events. The photos area added within 48 hours of the event and stay up for for at least 30 days. After that time the photos may be taken down to make room for other events. An email will be sent to the organizer of each event when they are ready for download and at that time they can share them with the people that would like to have them.
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Beach Party Barbados

Hockey Night in Barbados

Bajan Tradition Catamaran Picture

Friends of Rockley Beach Picture

Client Events-Customer Downloads

Yvonne and Warren’s Wedding-February 2, 2019

Berger Appreciation Dinner-February 13th, 2019

Kerlyn Cortes Wedding-March 1st, 2019

Amy Rollo’s Wedding-March 15th, 2019

Chantell and Shawn’s Wedding-April 27, 2019

Taylor and Josiah’s Wedding-May 18, 2019

Cristina and Salvatore’s Wedding-June 9, 2019

TD Employee Appreciation Week-June 18, 2019

Scott and Sheldane’s Wedding-June 21, 2019

Jenny and Anthony’s Wedding-June 22, 2019

Ruhan and Labiba’s Wedding-July 7th, 2019

Sana Ahmad’s Wedding-August 2, 2019

Angelo and Aloma’s Wedding-August 11, 2019

Scott and Kelly’s Wedding-September 21st, 2019

Genesis Pharmacies 5th Anniversary Event-September 29, 2019

BMO Christmas Party-Nov 30, 2019

Rosedale Christmas Party -Dec 7th, 2019

Text Now Christmas Party – Dec 14th, 2019

Hamilton Huskies Group Caricature – 2019


Sandra and Matthews Wedding
Wedding Event

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