Are You a Brand? Market Yourself Not Your Product!

Most people in business focus on their product or service. That is entirely normal due to the fact that we spend so much time with our business and if it developed from a passion such as mine it is very hard to shut it down at times.  That being said however most people don’t realize that the reason people deal with you is because of you. If that is the case then when focusing on your business you should be creating a band out of yourself and not so much out of your product.

Look at it this way, you meet someone and they have a great product that you would just love to buy. It fits with your needs, the price is right, and you can see the benefits for your business. The person is super nice to you, almost too nice, but you really would like the product so you decide to buy it. After a time is arranged for delivery the person meets with you and then tells you that the price has changed from what they told you, only accepts cash and won’t give a receipt to you. Now let’s say a month down the road the product stops working, and now you can’t get that guy on the phone. How do you feel? You feel like something underhanded is going on.  Who knows if the product was stolen or damaged etc? Would you recommend that your best friend buy from that person, no you wouldn’t. No matter what product or service that person offers they will always be labelled as a shyster because of the way they run their business. I see this everyday in my illustration business because many artists are unreliable at operating the business and it turns people off from dealing with them. They may be the best artist in the world. That is why so many artists are looking
for someone to represent them. If you took the same scenario as above and changed the character, in other words you have a person that stuck to their word on pricing, delivered on time, made sure you were happy with the product upon delivery, then you would have a total different view of that person and their business. Even if the product broke down, if the person stepped up to the
plate, repaired or arranged for an exchange you would still have a good feel for dealing with that person in the future.

So remember when dealing with clients and vendors that you are the actual brand for your business. People want to deal with you because you stand behind your word; you are good to deal with and so on. Build your business on reputation and customers will follow you for the product or service.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist and business and leadership consultant for entrepreneurs. He helps artists and entrepreneurs start and
market their businesses. For more information visit  or his artist website at

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