Sketching on the Move

There is nothing better than sitting outside on a beautiful day, with no agenda, nothing to think about but your art. Unfortunately that doesn’t come around as much as I would like, but when it does I like to take full advantage of it. With my own business many times I don’t have time to pack up a kit so I keep one always ready to go. So what is the best way to set up a sketch kit. This will change depending on the mediums you use for your art so I will just let you know what I have in mine and you can adjust yours as you see fit.

First you will need paper or a book, as mentioned in earlier posts I prefer a hardbound sketch book so I have a solid backing to draw on. I usually bring a small stool to sit on or I just sit on a rock. You can get art backpacks that have a small stool attached, that’s what I have. In my sketch box I keep a few micron pens which I like to use, a black marker, a set of crayons, and a set of art sticks. The art sticks are pencil crayons and I break them in half to suit the length I want. You can add pencils and stuff if you want. I prefer to just sketch with the markers or pen and colour in with crayons, I know what your thinking, crayons? Crayons are great to sketch with, They blend well and look great with marker or pen. So create your own sketch box and have it ready to go at a moments notice, you’ll be glad you did.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator, cartoonist, and instructor from Ontario Canada. he is the creator of the Drawing with Bruce art series and the Pride Junkie comic book series. Form ore information visit his websites at

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