Using Promo Material to Enhance Your Business

Many artists spend time looking for ways to promote their art. Once they find it they get it, but many don’t use it to their best of their abilities. Those snippets of your success in the arts is promotion that is ten times better than an ad in a magazine or your website. It is a way of being validated by society outside of your circle of contacts. So what are some ways of using that content to forward your career?

First use it for yourself to promote you! What do I mean by that is that you should frame the piece if on paper, or photo and put it up in your office or studio where you can see it at all times. In 2004 I had my first solo show and was excited about it. Invitations were sent out, posters put up, and so on. The show was a success as pieces sold well and I was given all kinds of cards and photos from people in attendance. I made a collage of the event and framed it and it hangs in my office to this day. Many of the articles that have been written about me have been laminated and hang on the walls. A glance at those pieces help me recognize my accomplishments and keep me moving forward on a day when things aren’t going as well as they should have.

Promoting with media, of course these days video is the way to go to make your name known in the world, so work on getting content as you do events that can be used on websites, displays and so on. Get opinions from work you have done for other people that can be used as testimonials on your website. You have to learn to brag a little bit about your because no one else will do it for you.

Always be looking for that special promotional material to set you apart, the editorials done on you, the videos and pictures by professional photographers. Those are the pieces that help you standout from the crowd.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator, caricature artist, and cartoonist from Canada. To learn more about his work visit his website at

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