What is your Secret Weapon?

This isn’t a James Bond article on how to surprise the other guy, however we all have a secret weapon that plays into what makes us unique. That weapon is different for everyone and changes all the time based on how people use it. I am talking about a weapon that is legal and cost no money. I am talking about a weapon that can help people, not hurt them. I am talking about a weapon that you hold the controls to and have the ability to release at any moment. I am talking about you!

Many of us don’t realize what our secret weapon is until someone points it out to us or we have a habit of studying ourselves like I do. Let me show you how this works. I have a business with my wife that has three divisions in it. If you look at the first division Bruce Outridge Productions you see that I am an artist and like to draw about the transportation industry in much of my work. You may say that’s fine no big deal. Then you look at the next division Outridge Consulting Services and you see I am a business consultant as well. Then you see our third division Outridge Translation Services that does French English translation for the province of Quebec. Now most people look at these and either say we are all over the map, or we are out of touch some would say. Well, they’re wrong! Hidden is our secret weapon. If you are not in transportation you may not see it, but for those in the industry that secret weapon is now very valuable.

My target market is mainly transportation so when I meet with a client I now have much to offer. I have been in transportation all my life and know it like the back of my hand. My secret weapon is the combination of all three divisions paired with my experience, not just one or the other by itself. If a transportation company is trying to market their services or recruit new drivers then I can offer them advice on how to proceed, I can actually make unique illustrations and design through my illustration business, and if they operate in Quebec we can help them with translating their literature and advertisements. All of that done in house, seamlessly. So my target market is the transportation industry experience I have, I ask you what is your secret weapon? Find that out and it may just open a whole new field for you.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an illustrator, consultant, and cartoonist from Southern Ontario Canada. More information can be found on his websites at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com, www.outridge.ca,

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