Sketching with Purpose

We all sketch at different times and for different reasons. Some of us sketch for relaxation, to take our mind off of day to day problems and situations. Some sketch to learn and use it as a way of improving their art, while others use it for creating layouts and other important factors that are part of the painting and drawing process. Unless you’re sketching for relaxation which is fine by the way we all should do that you should use sketching to improve your art. Every time you put pen to paper should have a better outcome than the last. Part of the reason people fall short in this area is they don’t have purpose for their sketch.

If I say will go out and draw I will probably sit on a bench and look around trying to find something to draw and do it half heartily. If you go out with purpose, to draw people, or draw a certain landscape you will find you focus more on the subject coming out with a better sketch. If you want to be different than most artists, “focus” should be at the top of the list.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an art instructor, illustrator, and cartoonist from Canada. He is the creator of the Pride Junkie Comic Series, and the Drawing with Bruce Video Series. More information can be found on his websites at,, and

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