Your Next Product May be Right Under Your Nose

Have you ever wondered how you can create products and services for your business? Many people look around to see what others are doing, but forget to look inside to what they have experienced. Sometimes taking a day to sit and recall memories of the past may be the best way to come out with new ideas to expand your business. Whether the experiences were good or bad can they can be designed to help someone else.

Let’s say you are an artist and you had a rough childhood and came out of it in a positive way. You may do a series on those experiences in a tasteful way that can be sold or used to help people going through those types of experiences today. When producing your art don’t think so much in terms of immediate return but the long term. If your art can help people it will be a great thing and the money will eventually follow.

I’ve done this with my Pride Junkie Comic Series for kids. The comic series works on the values of pride, respect, integrity, dignity, and excellence which are values I grew up with and I feel has made me successful today. Each story of the comic book has one of those values in it. You can check out the series at . So take a hard look inside to see where your experiences have taken you, you may find the next great ideas was right under your nose.

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Bruce Outridge is an author, artist, consultant, and speaker. For more information on Bruce and his work visit his websites at and

Bruce with the Pride Junkie Series
Bruce with the Pride Junkie Series

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