Be Open to New Opportunities

Many of us are very skeptical of new opportunities and have a habit of shutting them down at first light. With the internet and telemarketing companies it can be annoying and difficult to figure out which opportunities are legitimate and which ones are fake. Just recently I had an opportunity come my way that at first seemed ridiculous. The company was offering my services in exchange for half the pie. At first I thought they were crazy until I looked into the deal further. There was no guarantee how many pieces would be sold other than the special would run for one week and then stop. The key for me was when I asked about the advertising range. The promotion would go into every paper, major or minor publications, in various cities around my home town for a week. I would complete as many requests that come in and split the proceeds with the company. After reviewing it and asking more questions I have gone ahead and scheduled the promotion. I could not have paid for the amount of advertising that it will give me and should the amount of work come in that we hope both parties will still make a good chunk of change. So before you throw every opportunity in the garbage take a good look at what is being offered. If the company is legitimate it may be the best thing you can do for your business.

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  1. Absolutely Bruce. Be open and ask questions. Sometimes what you learn can save you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. I deal with this every day.

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