Create Trust with Your Pricing

It amazes me the wheeling and dealing people try to do when looking into pricing. Recently I had a fairly large corporation call me for pricing on my service and I was amazed when they asked me if the price could be reduced if they paid cash. The answer for our business is “no” and I am always surprised when asked that from another business. In Canada we have the HST which is an addition and subtraction formula based on the amount of business you charge against what you have bought from other vendors. Most businesses aren’t concerned with the tax if they understand it as long as they charge it their clients. Most businesses making money will be charging the tax.

If the answer is “yes” to the tax question you are sending a direct message to that client that you are willing to bend your pricing and they will cut you down to the core. If you are like me and are bad at pricing on the spot for services the best thing is to do is create your pricing ahead and stick to it for everyone. This way you come across as fair and trustworthy. Everyone wants the best price, that I understand, remember you want the best price as well. Doing work for less than it is worth will give you a bad taste about the customer and the project at hand. A price that is fair for all is a winner all the way around.

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