Book Publishing with a Romantic Edge

Over time I have had some great projects, and being a romantic at heart we often take on projects that help people with the special times in their lives. In the past we have set up our caricature stand to fool a girlfriend into thinking they were randomly having a caricature done in order for someone to propose. This happened again recently when a client asked if we could help him to propose to his girlfriend. The plan went like this:

The client had written a story for his girlfriend on how they had met over the years. He hired us to illustrate the story and help publish the book. We illustrated the book, did the layout, and published the one copy. He took the book and said he was going to plant it in a book store, have her stumble upon it with his help, and the story has him proposing at the end. I have official word that the answer was yes and the plan went off without a hitch. Below are a few pictures of the book and some illustrations and the clients feedback on the project. Congratulations to Meeta and Chetan. All the best for the future. chetan-book-2

We are such romantics!

Name or Company: Chetan Tiwari
Additional Comment: I wrote a book to use as a proposal to my fiance. Bruce illustrated the book and created the lay out. He did a fantastic job and the proposal went off without a hitch.

Thanks Bruce!
Service provided: Design Work
Service rating: Excellent


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