I got attacked by a Red-Winged Black bird while sketching

Often in nature animals will only attack things that are smaller than them or equal in size. I am not an animal expert but that is what I believe from what I have seen in my life unless they feel threatened. If that is true then someone who is almost six feet tall and over 200 pounds should not be worried about a little bird no larger than a magazine. Oh sure I have heard the stories of Eagles and Hawks preying on large animals, but not little black birds. In fact I think of birds as very calming so you can imagine my surprise when I witnessed a swan attacking Seadoos passing by at a relative’s home while visiting not too long ago. Hey if you don’t believe me check out my Swan Security story. Obviously birds have more attack clout than I thought.

I take a walk each morning in the area by my home that is a lovely park that borders the bay. On the bay side you can see geese, swans, and ducks all doing Red-winged-black-birdwhat they do in a very peaceful setting. I walk the park three times for my hour long walk and know the various dog owners and enjoy the peace to start my day. Well shall I say it used to be peaceful! Lately every time I take the turn on the road side of the park I have this vicious Red-Winged Black Bird swooping down on my head attacking me as I walk by. She must be sitting on the top of a nearby tree as I don’t even see her until I am under attack. At first I thought she didn’t like the hat I had on, but as the days went on I felt there must be a nest up in the tree as this became a habit. I must have looked a sight as this little bird swooshed back and forth above my head as this big guy ducked for cover. Figuring no one would believe me I decided to take my video camera with me one day to tape the attack. Of course there was no bird this time, one of those smart birds eh? So if you are like me and walk within nature during your day, don’t be naive like me thinking small animals won’t attack larger people, I am here to show proof that they do. Better not piss off those ducks I saw swimming on the beach, I don’t swim that far.

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is an author, cartoonist specializing in caricature art. More funny stories can be found on his website at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com