The Biggest Tip I Ever Got!

As an event artist we often get experience things that make our job very cool. Drawing caricatures makes the guests happy, laughing with people, and learning about their lives gives us a new view on life. Drawing caricatures can be a very rewarding way of earning money. At many events we will get tipped by clients or their guests and it is always nice to know that your work is appreciated and everyone had a great time. Often I will be asked by friends and family how I do in tips. Many events I don’t make tips just due to the way we are set up with the client, but I do many weddings and often get tips during those events which is always nice, however. The best tips have not necessarily been money.canadian money

Not too long ago I did an event at a small town fair. I was working in a client’s tent with a long line of people. The caricatures were free to the public and I was paid by the client, a normal arrangement for me. I had worked with this client before and it was a fun day and they treated me very well. As I was drawing people in line I began to get tips in my tray from people as I finished the work. Now as I draw people I am asking them what they would like to be doing in their picture? Boys often say playing soccer, or being Spider-Man, etc. I never expect tips and don’t put out a tip jar as I feel that is tacky at paid events, but I didn’t see this tip coming. Next in line was a little girl about the age of five. I asked her what she would like to be and she didn’t say a word (way too shy). Her parents said she would like to be a princess which is almost a standard for five year old little girls. She just sat there, not even smiling, again not unusual for five year old little girls. I finished the drawing, bagged it, and turned it around to show her. What happened next surprised even her parents. The girl got up took the picture and proceeded to give me the biggest hug ever. I didn’t know what to do, I said thank you and the whole line of people just went, “aaaawwwwweeeeeeeee!” There is no amount of money that would have shown that amount of happiness. To me that tip was priceless! So I ask you, what is the biggest tip you ever got?

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is a cartoonist, caricature artist, and illustrator from Burlington Ontario. He is available for both live events and studio work. For more information please visit his website at