Check out what’s above you before you sit down to draw!

We all want approval from others, but at an event a short while ago I had disapproval that I had not experienced before. As an artist if people return your work or show dislike to it it can hurt very badly. I have realized over the years that you can’t please everyone and can accept it most of the time. This time it was very unusual.Red-winged-black-bird

You see I was drawing at an event in Toronto for a child care centre’s festival day. It was a thank you to their customers and family in a beautiful outdoor setting, I had positioned myself under a large tree to protect from the sun. I began drawing people and finally got to drawing this child and had completed her face. Just then out of nowhere it came down, PLOP! A giant blob of bird doodoo right in the middle of my picture. Since when do I need the approval of a bird to know whether I am doing a good job or not! That was the first time I have had our feathered friends way in on my drawing skills. It turned out to be pretty funny and I just restarted the picture, but I have to wonder if I am being stalked by our bird friends. They seem to be sending me a sign. For instance have you read my article on the Red Winged Black bird that has been terrorizing me on my daily walks in the park? If not check out that story here, or how about the evil swan that attacks boaters in a residential waterway where some relatives of mine live? Check out that story here.

In other words maybe it was more than a sign of my art, maybe it was a sign of the times? Maybe the birds are starting to attack and take back their land? Either way I will be watching above a lot more from now on! It brings a whole new meaning to being “under cover.”

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is an artist and author from Burlington Ontario and specializes in custom illustration and design. His main focus is caricatures and cartoons and he is available for live events. For more information visit his website at