Are you having too much entertainment at your party?

Entertainment for events is not cheap. Most performers are in the range of $100 per hour or more so when you hire an artist for your event you want to make the most of it. As an event artist however I see the opposite. People will hire multiple performers for an event and them have them scheduled over top of each other which takes away from the reason for having performers and wastes your money.

For instance I will get hired to draw caricatures for guests over a two hour window. When I am hired most people want to get as many of

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their guests drawn in that two hour period. At the event I will find they have also hired a storyteller or other performer that requires the audiences attention. That takes the guests away from having a caricature drawn and many times I will sit there waiting for the guests to return. Sometimes it is the birthday cake that is the competition and I am asked to wait while the cake is cut. This type of planning is wasting your money.

If you have multiple things going on at your party try to organize them so that they don’t overlap each other. Keep the cake cutting until after the window when a performer will be finished. Schedule multiple performers so that they don’t overlap each other. If the party will be very large then multiple performers are okay as long as their performances don’t take the whole audience away. A caricature artist and balloon artist are good because they don’t take the audience from each other. A caricature artist and storyteller are not good fit because the storyteller will require the whole audience. Being organized up front will help you save money and have a successful party.

About the Author
Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist from Burlington Ontario. He performs at all types of events from weddings to birthday parties and more. More information can be found on his website at