Always Remember to Check the Box When Receiving New Supplies

There is nothing like the excitement of opening a gift or new product we just purchased and setting it up for use. Even if we bought it ourselves and know what it is it can be an exciting experience. That excitement can get away on us and later cause us to wish we had taken a little more time in opening our new toy. The is how an incident recently happened to me and the shock that occurred afterwards leaving me very certain that in the future I will always “check the box”!

We recently upgraded our computer equipment for our business. I went through a representative for the Apple’s Business Program and ordered everything we would need for the next three years. When reviewing the list with the business representative I noticed he had added everything from keyboards to covers for the mobile devices. As I went down the list I removed some items as each partner in the business would prefer to buy the cover they liked so I would not order it on their behalf. One of the items was a wireless keyboard. As I already had a wireless keyboard from my current laptop and was told the keyboard was the same I removed it from the list.Boxes

We jump ahead to the day of delivery. The equipment arrives as ordered and I am all excited to get started so I begin removing items from the box. If you have ever ordered an Apple product the packaging alone is beautiful so I removed the items from the box which in this case was just the monitor. I didn’t need the keyboard and believed I had removed it from the list, remember? As I went through the packaging I didn’t see anymore pieces so I took the box down to the garbage room in our building thinking I had emptied it completely. Setting up the system I had trouble so I talked to Apple’s tech department and they said it was odd that the computer came without a keyboard. He helped me reset the computer and all was good. A few days later I was in the store talking to the business representative that I had ordered everything from and he was asking if everything arrived okay? I told him it was good, but I have trouble setting up due to my current keyboard. This is where my stomach dropped to my knees. It was the statement he said that all computers come with a new keyboard and mouse. When I reminded hm that I had removed that from the list he came back with that was for another mobile device. So I have just thrown a brand new mouse and keyboard into the garbage. I was sure that I had searched the box but the box is now gone. If I can offer one piece of advice especially as come into the Christmas Season. “Always check the box!” I know I will! At least I didn’t look as bad as the guy in the store that was there to buy a new tablet because he left his on top of the car.

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