How to take better pictures and video with your phone

Okay I have to share this tip for you on using your phone to take video footage as I see so many people doing it wrong. This is very frustrating when asking someone to take a picture or video and then you get a less than stellar picture.  First lets look at taking a photo with your phone.

The basic rule of composition is that if the subject is taller than it is wide then you should hold the phone upright and take the photo in portrait mode. This will give you a larger picture and better composition. If the subject is wider than it is tall then you should hold you phone sideways and take the picture in landscape mode. Again this will allow for a larger picture and better photo. These are basic composition rules that will instantly allow for better pictures. Now lets talk about video.

Video is different from taking photos. The difference is that no matter how you hold your phone you will the video format is always landscape. So if you are taking video with your phone you should always hold it sideways in landscape mode. This way you will always get a better video and it will fill your screen. I see so many people holding their phones upright when taking video and I want to go correct each of them. When you hold the phone upright you get a smaller video picture and it causes you to have the black bars on each side that cannot be removed in the editing process. Hold your phone sideways and steady and you will improve tour video skills immediately.

About the Author

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