Have Your Entertainment Plan in Place Before Your Event With This Event Checklist!

One of the biggest problems I see as an entertainer at events is the lack of a plan in place for entertainment. Many rooms are filled to capacity with guests amenities, food tables, seating items, serving systems and more, and of course it is important that the room looks nice when guests arrive. But at what cost is that importance to the event in entertainment terms?

Often entertainment is arranged by a particular person at the event and that is not always the same people coordinating the room. For instance I will often be booked by the Bride and Groom, but will deal with the Wedding Coordinator on location. Often instructions given to one are lost in communication with so many things going on. Then when an entertainer arrives there is a struggle to find room or find a location.

This happened to me not too long ago at a corporate event where two artists were scheduled to appear. I was the first artist to arrive and saw the location where we were supposed to work. They had a small table set up with four chairs. Two chairs for the guests being drawn and two for the artists on the other side. Here is the problem! Two artists could not fit side by side at the table without bumping arms and elbows while drawing, not good for the end drawing result. On the guest side there was only room for one guest in a chair. Again this is a problem as at many events guests like to have several people in the picture or want to be drawn as couples such as at a wedding. I myself draw with an easel and was able to let the artist have the table, but now that expanded the room needed for that particular entertainment.

Another issue that is often overlooked is when an artist has to move during an event. When I draw at weddings during the warmer months I am usually asked to be located outside on a patio and then asked to moveevent group inside after the dinner for the rest of the evening. This is no problem as long as the location has been organized ahead of time, otherwise it is a scramble to find room for me and my equipment if the space hasn’t been marked off.

Entertainers that arrive after the start of a function and leave before it ends are often overlooked for space. When planning space for performers it is important to ask what type of equipment they may have and how much space they need. I have included a checklist at the bottom of this article for you as a starting point. Every venue is different so it is important to go over the checklist with each performer that you hire.

A professional entertainer wants your event to be a successful as possible, for you and for them. We often try to be as flexible as possible, but we still need room to do our job properly. I hope your next event is a great success and that this article helped. Good luck with the next event!

Event Checklist

  • How much space is required for each entertainer? A DJ needs much more room than a caricature artist depending on equipment.
  • If people will be watching or lining up, is there enough room for the line?
  • If the event is outdoors is there an alternative option should the weather turn bad?
  • If the area will have dimmed lights is lighting available for that area alone? Many entertainers carry their own lights for such a reason but may need to be near a hydro outlet.
  • Does the entertainer need hydro? Are there any specific hydro requirements? If DJ equipment will be plugged in you wouldn’t want another entertainer plugging stuff in on top of that.
  • Who should the entertainer check in with upon arrival at the location?

These are just a few questions and an entertainer’s particular setup may have special requirements. It is best to check with each performer on their needs to have a successful event.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge Productions offers caricature event services for weddings, corporate events, and more. Well known in the Ontario Canada area for creating a great experience at events for people of all ages both young and old. To learn more about Bruce Outridge and his event service please visit his website at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com