Pets are People Too!-Testimonial

We are often asked if we do pet portraits and the answer is of course yes. Most people when getting a pet portrait completed don’t want it to be the funny caricature that we would normally do for people, they want something more cute and memorable. We recently did one for a client that was digital, but also done in the old cross-hatching style that was part of my earlier work. The client loved it and below are a few comments about the project. We believe that pets are people too!

Comments from the client:

Name or Company: Sheldon Hayes

Service provided: Gift caricature

Service rating: Excellent

Additional Comment: Bruce did a great job of capturing the “look” of the pet from the pictures I provided – great work, fast turnaround and I’m very pleased with the outcome!
Thanks Bruce!

Pet caricatureAbout the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers gift caricatures of people and pets for clients. It’s easy, just send us a picture of your pet and we will design a gift caricature for you. You can view samples of our work at