Artist Starts Podcast to Help Other Artists Succeed

Bruce podcastingI was recently asked by another artist why I started my latest podcast for artists. They couldn’t understand why I would start something that gave no return to me to help my competition. Hopefully this article will help explain why.

Are you worried about the competition?

It’s true that I could be hurting myself by giving away secrets on how to succeed in business as an artist, however I have found out in my business it works the opposite to the way most people think about help and offers me even more exposure in its own little way. I have found that I like to help people and no matter how I try to stop that it doesn’t stop easily. In reality no one does everything exactly the same and personality, skill, and determination will play a big part in success even if we all have the same amount of information.

Why creative businesses?

I focused the podcast on creative businesses because that’s what I do. I have been a professional artist for over ten years, I am the author of several books, I like to talk, and I like to help people. Since that is what I do then that is where I decided to focus my content. I already have a podcast out for the transportation industry in which I have been involved with for over 30 years. I saw an area of opportunity in the creative areas and felt I could help. You can check out the transportation podcast at

Why podcasts?

I already have blogs, books, and other content so there are lots of places to get information. The podcast platform was more for me than my audience. I enjoy public speaking and giving presentations and a podcast is much like a presentation. For me personally it helps me with my speaking development, organization of material, and offers opportunity to expand my network.

The benefit of a podcast to the audience is information to help them directly, a more personal connection with the author or host, and the ability to replay and select content that is of interest to them. This medium is also attractive because you don’t have to stop what you are doing to listen unlike a book or a post where you have to read the actual words.

How do you make money with a podcast?

If you start a podcast for money then you may be starting for the wrong reasons. You can make money down the road through affiliate products, advertising, and the like but that is down the road. It can take months or years before you make money with a podcast so you have to really enjoy doing it. As mentioned I started the podcast for other reasons so the monetary issues are not my focus at this time, maybe down the road.

What will you focus on for the future?

My focus for the short term is to keep improving the production quality and content to help the audience in what they do. Once we have those issues on course we can look at other opportunities, but for now interesting guests, quality content, and good production are the focus.

I hope the show will be of interest to those that are artists, authors, and creative entrepreneurs. The focus of the podcast is on business, creativity, and inspiration. Succeed at business, improve your creativity, and become inspired by amazing guests. Check out the show at

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, speaker, and podcast host. His art is on caricatures and cartoons, he is the author of several business and leadership books, and host of and his latest podcast