Planning the Perfect Summer Party

Planning the perfect summer party may seem like an easy thing to do but without proper planning things can go terribly wrong. It’s not as easy as pulling up a picnic table or opening the cooler especially if it is a large party for a special occasion. As a caricature artist I have seen several different scenarios from melting heat to pouring rain, so what should you plan for when holding an outdoor event?

A little planning will go a long way to having a successful event. Plan the important things first, most people think that is the food but that may not be the most important. Location, bathrooms, shade, permits, and other issues all may determine whether it is feasible to have a party in a certain location so think ahead.

Knowing how many people you will have at a party will determine the best location for your event. If having the event in a public area such as a park make sure you determine whether a permit is required by the Municipality. A permit is normally required for any gazebo locations or areas for large gatherings.

Is there covering in the area for the event? If you have ever experienced a summer shower on a beautiful sunny day you will understand the importance for covering. Your guests need to be comfortable and protected from the elements. Even if the weather is nice planning for rain can help you have a successful event. Having covering for any entertainment is also crucial. I remember one event where there was absolutely no shade and my markers were actually melting by sitting in the heat making them unusable. Entertainers will need some shade even if it is a tree.

If you are having a band, DJ, or other program that requires electrical or stable ground make sure that area has covering and can support the additional Patio Partyweight of people and equipment. We don’t want the drummer falling off the stage. Seating, tables, and other important items need to be planned out, but one area many forget to check is the ground all of these items will sit on. An area under a tree may seem like a great spot but if the ground is too uneven it will be hard for anyone to sit underneath it defeating the purpose. Do a ground check making sure people will be able to stand or sit comfortably.

Parking and bathroom facilities are next on the list. Make sure there is ample parking for your guests and bathroom facilities. If you are going to eat good food and drink that has to come out sometime. I am just saying you should do some planning here.

If you are hiring entertainers for summer parties make sure you book early. With kids off school many entertainers are booked with other events. If you want entertainment for a specific time don’t wait until the last minute, you may be disappointed.

I hope these tips help you to have a successful summer event. You possibly have thought about many of these items but it only takes one missed item to ruin a great event. Use a checklist for your event and I am sure it will be a successful one. Here is a free checklist for you. Party Checklist.

Enjoy your summer!

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a caricature artist offering live event entertainment and studio caricatures for gifts. You can learn more about Bruce and his caricature cartoon work by visiting