3 Tips to Using Photos and Videos to Capture the Holiday Season

As we move into December everyone’s focus moves from work mode to holiday mode. Planning time with family and friends or shopping for the perfect present all become priorities during this time. I can’t help you with the shopping part as I hate shopping to begin with, but I can offer you some tips for improving your family time with photos and videos. As someone who shoots video for clients, television, and other purposes I hope I can offer you a few tips to help capture this special time of year.

Take video of those special moments

Capturing those special moments are important times. Normally you can take photos, but often some of those small moments in between are lost due to camera shutter speed or the person incorrectly pressing the video-camerabutton. Often the person taking the picture loses out on those special moments because they are stuck behind the camera. Video can solve that. If you have a video camera or spare phone set it on a stand in video mode and tape those moments such as present opening time and other great moments with family. That way everyone can be involved and all the small moments can be captured.

Pro Tip: With a video editing program like iMovie you can export images from the video so that you have pictures to send to family and friends afterwards.

Create your own photo booth

Kids grow very fast, family changes and it can be hard to keep up with memories from year to year. One way to capture everyone at your party is to create your own photo booth. If you are having a family party find a wall or area that is blank and well lit. As people arrive for your party have each person, couple, or family stand in front of the wall or area and take a picture. Set up a camera or use your phone and make it mandatory as people come through the door. It is easier to get the photos before people get comfortable and in deep conversations at the party. You can make it more fun by decorating the area or using an application on your phone with a theme. They also make fun pictures to send to your guests afterwards.

Pro Tip: Add items like funny glasses, fake presents and other items to add a festive and 3D presence for the photos.

Photographing memories

Photographs can be a great way to enhance a party and create memories afterwards. Instead of watching television use an application like the Photo App on your phone to create a slideshow. You can even add music to it to make it even more sensational. You can then play the slideshow on the television allowing for nice visuals of past years and family for people to view in the background at the party.

Another cool thing is to assign someone to take candid photos during the event to get memories while the party is going on. These photos can be uploaded to a dropbox folder, Google Drive, or self-made website allowing for all the photos to be viewed in one place at a later date.

Pro Tip: Create a private Facebook Page so other attendees can upload photos they may have taken allowing for a different perspective. You can then share them with family later on.

I hope that offers some helpful tips to capture your celebrations throughout the holiday season. Most people will take pictures anyway so why not use them to enhance the party. If you are looking for more corporate style video work for promotional purposes let us know maybe we can help you.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services specializing in caricatures, cartoons, and live caricature event entertainment. Also available as sub services are video production and animation. You can learn more about all these services at www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com