Ensuring Safety with a Sketch of the Life Guard Shack

It may not seem like it but I am actually saving my own life by sketching the lifeguard shack. How does this happen? It comes out of a joke that started a couple of years ago. One of the lifeguards was helping out one of the bar owners on the beach a couple of years ago on New Year’s Eve. I bought him a drink at the party and the joke started that because I bought him a drink I would expect my life to be saved should I get into trouble on the beach in the ocean. I didn’t need the help but the joke continued over the years.

I do a lot of drawing on the beach and the lifeguards are always interested in the sketches. The other day I decided to draw the life guard shack and when finished thought I would give it to the lifeguards as a present. I am hoping that by giving them a small present it will secure my safety for future years. Of course if they didn’t like the sketch it may backfire on me. Lol! Since I only had my sketch book I had to cut it out of the book to give to them.

Here is the shack on the beach:

Life guard shack

Here is the sketch in process:

Life guard sketch in process

The completed sketch:

Life guard sketch complete

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional cartoonist from Canada that has a love of the Caribbean and travels to the island of Barbados each year. Although now specializing in cartoons he started his career doing landscapes and enjoys sketching on location. You can learn more about his art at www.bruceoutidgeproductions.com and check out his Sketch Walks on his sketching excursions on his website under Sketch Walks.