Use an Entertainment Calendar and Create Perfect Events This Year

Why would you want to create an entertainment calendar? Most people don’t plan out their year of entertaining with the exception of maybe those getting married a year in advance, but it could be the difference between holding the perfect event and scrambling at the last minute to find the entertainment or locations required. One way to get away from the hustle and bustle is to plan out your events ahead of time for the whole year.

I am certainly not suggesting that you plan out every single dinner party that you may hold throughout the year, but those important events should certainly be thought of ahead of time. Your events may also changeMax Insurance Christmas Party from year to year and it will be important to have a calendar that you can plan on.

As an entertainer I find we are often thought of at the last minute for entertainment. Either people haven’t thought of having a caricature artist and then see one at an event or try to book for a party on a certain date and are disappointed because we are booked. Another issue is trying find entertainment for the sake of it and are just booking whomever they can find. This often has entertainment that doesn’t have a focus or fit with the event.

By building an entertainment calendar for the year you can decide on the types of events you would like to have and can find the exact entertainment needed to make it a great event. Many artists or performers book months in advance and there are certain times of year when if not thinking ahead you will not have someone available on that date. We often will have one evening in a month that is very popular. Unfortunately we can only serve so many people in that time. Much of booking professional entertainment is getting the performer booked before someone else.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right performer for your party:

• Make sure the entertainment booked fits your event. You don’t want a Mary Little Lamb performer at your black tie event.

• Book professional entertainment. If the performer doesn’t provide contracts or booking confirmations or doesn’t seem to have a system then you may be booking less than quality entertainment.

• Book as far in advance as possible to get your performer of choice for a specific day.

• Not all performers are equal. Do your homework when booking entertainment for an important event.

Following the tips above and working with a calendar will help you have a successful event. Most performers will take a small deposit to confirm a booking. That is a small price to pay for peace of mind of getting the right entertainment for your event. I have included a sample calendar for you below.

Sample Entertainment Calendar

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