Caricature Artist is Featured on Dinner Party Wars

I was going through some old footage the other day and came across a video from 2010 when I was on the television show Dinner Party Wars. The show is still on if you watch the Food Network, look for the “Jamaica Me Crazy” episode. If you are not familiar with the show three couples have to hold a dinner party for three couples with a limited budget.

I remember that event, I was still fairly new to the caricature industry. I was hired to draw six caricatures for an hour, but the event took about three hours after the hosts asked me to draw them and the camera crew looked to get those perfect shots. It did pay off however as I have received good publicity out of the event. I was also proud to know that it was my services helped the team win the event. The actual event was filmed a year before it aired on the network. Below is a video of the show if you didn’t catch it. Enjoy!

About the Artist

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