Planning the Perfect Retirement Gift

Gift caricatures can make great retirement gifts. The challenge is often getting good photos without the person knowing. This happened when the client sent me old photos and forgot that the person now wears glasses. We miss those type of things when we see people everyday. We were able to make the adjustment without too much trouble and the client was very happy.

Here is what they had to say:

Name or Company: Al Nault

Service provided: Gift caricature

How was your booking experience?: Excellent

How was your project/event experience?: Excellent

Additional Comment: Carmen provided excellent feedback and great communication right from the first call
Bruce is truly a professional! Very talented and funny and yet also approachable.
He was able to capture a great likeness of our retiree and even carried out changes afterwards when I did not provide the correct info from the beginning.
I would recommend Bruce Outridge productions for your next event or project!

Here is the picture created:

Gift caricature

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is a professional caricature artist and cartoonist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services specializing in caricatures and cartoons. To book your next gift caricature or to learn more about Bruce and his work visit