Sketching Martins Bay Barbados

I travel to the lovely island of Barbados every year and when there take my art on the road with what I call Sketch Walks. In true artist fashion they are the same as Plein Air Painting that artists have been doing since the beginning of time so what makes mine different? My Sketch Walks are more of a trip and I try to show both to process of creating my art and the beauty of the area. If I have the time I try to complete the sketch on location. Many times I get the outline completed on location and complete the cross hatching at another time as it doesn’t have to be completed then and there. Barbados is one of my favourite islands so many of my Sketch Walks are from there but I have done walks in the winter and of locations close to home. Enjoy this Sketch Walk of Martins Bay Barbados on the East Coast of the island and if you would like to see other Sketch Walks look under Sketch Walks on the Bruce Outridge Productions’s website or click the link. Enjoy!

Check out the Sketch Walk Video

Pictures of the completed sketches

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About the Artist

Bruce Outridge Productions offers custom illustration and design services for clients specializing in caricatures and cartoons. before focusing strictly on cartoons Bruce was a pen and ink landscape artist and now continues with that passion through his Sketch Walk Series showing others how to get started drawing on location. You can learn more about Bruce and his business at