Local Art Fairs are a Perfect Place to Buy Art

Many people start an art collection and don’t even realize they are doing so. They buy something they like for the bathroom here and another piece for the living room there. They buy what they enjoy based on topic, theme, or feeling at the time. I know when we go to the Caribbean we come across a lot of amazing art but there is just no wall space left. If you have been buying art randomly without really knowing the artists then you may want to take your art collecting process to the next level. Knowing what you like is the first step and one that most of us fall into. The second step is to become a collector and that usually means learning about the artists. The third step of collecting art is buying for investment.

Assuming you are at step one you at least know what you like. Summer is the perfect time to take your art collecting to step two and finding artists you like. When you buy a piece of art off the wall in a store or small gallery it is just a nice piece of art. When you buy a piece of art from an artist you know you learn the back story of the painting and you have a personal connection to the artist. This makes the art more personal and valuable at the same time. Art fairs are the perfect place to learn about different types of art and meet the artists that have created them. You will see many artists in one place and can have short conversations with them that can help you decide if there is a connection between you. If you find an artist you like then you can learn more about them and even possibly commission the subject matter that you want. This is a great way to build a collection based on a certain artist.

Bruce drawing a race car

Art can be a pleasure to buy or own and offers many stories from the artists on how or why they created the piece. These translate into your own discussions after the purchase making the art more than just a pretty picture. There are many art fairs in small towns across the Province and a popular art fair is Art in the Park in Oakville Ontario happening on August 5th. Whether you buy any art or not you will have an enjoyable day looking at amazing art and hopefully meeting great artists. Enjoy! http://oakvilleartsociety.com/art_inthe_park.html

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