Enjoy the Beauty of Fall -Sketching Fall Colours

We are so lucky to live in an area that can enjoy the beauty of Fall. For some Fall is their favourite time of year and from a colour standpoint Mother Nature has always been the top artist in the World. As a former truck driver I have been all across North America and I can tell you that those people south of Kentucky many times don’t see the beauty that Fall has to bring those of us in the Northern States and Canada. This is why I make a point of trying to enjoy it whether just a drive around town or plein air sketching at a beautiful location.

If you’re looking for places to go to see the trees driving North is a good bet but depending on when you start it may be too late. Things are changing in Southern Ontario already and once that starts it is only a matter of time before the trees turn bare and the season changes again. One my favourite spots is Rockwood Conservation Area up by Guelph. The drive up Guelph Line is beautiful and Rockwood has hiking trails and beautiful scenery for the whole family. I sketched their last weekend so have a sneak peak of the beauty of the park in the video below.

From a caricature artist standpoint the colours of Fall also come in the form of Halloween Costumes. We have been drawing at lots of Halloween Parties lately and have seen some amazing costumes. People have gone all out this year and it has been fun to draw. Check out some of the Halloween events we have drawn at lately.

So whatever you do get out and enjoy the beauty of Fall whether in nature or in costume. After this we switch to Christmas and the beauty of Winter. Speaking of Christmas if you are thinking of gifts and think a gift caricature may be of interest you are best to start that process now. Here is some information for you should you be thinking about a caricature as a gift.

Check out our Gift Caricatures for Christmas

About the Artist

Bruce Outridge is an artist, cartoonist, and caricature artist from Burlington Ontario Canada. Although most of his work is cartooning he enjoys sketching on location especially when he travels to the Caribbean. To learn more about Bruce and his art visit www.bruceoutridgeproductions.com